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Plop Art Sudoku

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quot;Plop Art Sudoku quot; is an exciting and funny new variant of the classic sudoku game where you have to solve puzzles full of cute litte creatures which you may know from our classic action puzzle game quot;Plop Art quot;. Like in a classic Sudoku game you have to fill the empty places of a puzzle with the missing creatures. Every row must contain one of each creature. So must every column, as must every 3x3 square. quot;Plop Art Sudoku quot; contains four different difficulty levels, 100 puzzles and five different creature sets that make the game more challenging and entertaining. You can pause the game at any time to continue later without loosing your game progress. Train your brain with a daily dosis of quot;Plop Art Sudoku quot;. Play a hot game called Plop Art Sudoku.



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