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PentHouse Pool Multiplayer

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Play Now Multiplayer Pool: 8 Ball, 9 Ball and Straight Pool up to 4 Simultaneous Players! - Amazing physics effects that simulate a real pool game! When you break a rack table, you will feel the shot strength transmitted to each ball. Apply 5 effects to the cue ball: Stun, Right English, Left English, Draw and Follow. - Points for each shot, Multiplier and Trickshot Bonus: For each successful shot, you win points that add you experience points. Additional points will be given every time you make succesful shots that will multiply up to 5x. - Play up to 4 simultaneous players: you can also play a match between teams. - Create custom rooms: You can create public and private rooms or invite users to join your match. Also you can choose the user experience of your competitor. - Public and Private chat: You can meet, play and chat with the players, send emoticons and invitations to play. Play a hot game called PentHouse Pool Multiplayer.



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