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Orchestrated Death

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Well, it #039;s October... Here #039;s a little something to get the month started :D You play as Death himself out on another day on the job. No connection between victims, just ruthless - and entertaining - murder in an arcadish point n #039; click puzzle style. I #039;ll be the first to tell you it #039;s short, but it was just something fun for October and, to me, fit well with the holiday, although a little early :D A couple of notes: * Some things require the right timing, so going click-crazy won #039;t always help you. * Different items become available through actions (I think you #039;ll see what I mean). *** If you find it too easy, I apologize and may add more too it in time, if it #039;s too hard, right click and choose quot;download walkthrough, this will open the walkthrough in your browser. Play a hot game called Orchestrated Death.



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