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Gravity Shift

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Gravity Shift is an action based highscore hunting game. You have do dodge different obstacles to survive as long as possible by changing the gravity. With the right timing you #039;re able to create huge combo chains and beat the top highscores! Happy Highscore Hunting! Current Version: 1.9 (If you don #039;t see this version then please clear your browser cache!) And if the download link for the theme which is placed at the top of the title screen is not working then download it here : http://www.gravityshift.tk/ (Fullscreen and external links don #039;t work on some sites. That #039;s because the html code of the site doesn #039;t allow this. Most of the sites offer their own cinemtatic/fullscreen mode!) Thank you! amp;lt;3 Play a hot game called Gravity Shift.



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