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Find Match

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An amazing hidden objects game. Play the newest game of KubiGirls. The goal of the game is to find the pairing match of the object you click on. There #039;re some rules you should keep in mind. When you click on an object, you have 5 seconds to find the öatching one. If you can #039;t find it in 5 seconds, the game will give you -10 points. If you want to give up on an object, you should click on it once again but the game will give you -10 points for that. While play,ng the game, if you touch an empty space, once again, you #039;ll get -10 points. If you match the objects in short time, you #039;ll get 100, if you find the bonus objects shown on the right side of the screen, you #039;ll get 1000 points. If you write your name at the beginning of the game, you #039;ll be able to submit your score. Have a good time. Play a hot game called Find Match.



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